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Where am I?

It is good to ask questions. The great discoveries of human kind have always started with a question. Often a speaker will use a rhetorical question to get his or her audience focus on the topic. Teachers will use questions to not only test pupils' knowledge, but to stimulate their self learning.

I started this entry with a question; where am I? I know where I am physically. I am in my bedroom in my house in West Jordan, Utah. There are a few more states of being than physical. Where am I intellectually, emotionally and spiritually? How is my relationship with my wife, my children and grandchildren, coworkers, friends, and neighbors? Where am I in life?

I don't have the answers to all of these questions, but each one deserves addressing.

When I served a mission for my church, we were asked to hold a weekly 'Companionship Inventory'. This was time set apart to discuss goals and progress, problems and differences, questions and concerns. Any good marriage need to have these type of discussions often to strengthen and grow the relationship.

What I think I need in my life is weekly 'personal inventory' to see where I am and where I need to be headed.

I will let you know some of things I learn as I take an inventory of me.

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